Nextel Telecom

NeXtel provides full range of data, voice and hosting services to business and residential customers, giving them the capabilities they need to communicate, collaborate and pursue their long-term goals. We deliver the infrastructure businesses need to compete in a highly connected world. We are highly rated for our quality of service, technical support and speed.


NeXtel uses the state of the art wireless technology. There is a subscriber-unit, mounted on the roof/terrace of the customers building. This device points to the nearest Base Station that sends and receives signals. As the signal is received in your subscriber-unit, it is sent through wired cable to your home/office/premise to reach the computer. The devices used for Wireless Connectivity is in tie-up with the best wireless communication equipments imported specifically keeping the complex environments in mind.

NeXtel having efficient and trained manpower make it possible to rectify any complaints. Hence, with a hybrid network and High Speed connection, there is lot more reliability of service compared to other providers. Our network is planned in such a manner that the cables do not snap often and are not affected in rains. The network is built redundant with backup rings.


We are providing a wide range of attractive plans, from data limit plans to unlimited plans designed to meet your specific Internet requirements and fit your budget. Our exclusive plans provide higher speeds and help you save more. Further more, unlike other internet service providers.


Our aim is to create a yardstick for customer’s satisfaction with innovativeness on the continuity. Foraying into a new innovation to deliver best in class technology which will empower the coming generations and our stake holders.